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Fly fishing news from Slovenia, with daily reports from the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Soca, best catches, tips on grayling, brown and rainbow trout fishing, and news from our online store.





Hey all! Sorry for keeping you less updated, but in March we do not run to the river just every day.. would burn-out the quota of the fishing permits before the true Fly fishing season in Slovenia even kicks in haha! But how could we fly fisherman seat in the office and not go on to the river!! Impossible! As such, we planned a good fishing day on the Sava river, expecting some average catch - nothing like that happened! I mean nothing like the average catch :-) Levels were strong (on the image is just a smaller channel of the complete river) but if you know where to set your nymph - the fish is there! Small pockets along the main stream is what you should target! Nymphs to use are small but heavy.. Trout is down and nibbling for some small food close to the bottom.. Leader can still be 5X even 4X to make sure you do not lose some nice bite out there! End of the coming week SEEMS TO BE A VERY NICE FISHING WEATHER so do not stay foot - move and land the fish! >>>>> Visit our new home page for more lovely fish images! <<<<<<



2019 FLY FISHING DAY NO.1, 2.3.2019
Nice spring-like weather for the opening day of the two rivers, Radovna and so called Big Sava lured out several anglers, wanting to shake off the dust from the fly rods! Fishing conditions were nice, temperatures ok, levels fine on both rivers. Fish was not so active due to the week snow melt triggered by higher daily temperatures. But in general all the visiting fly fisherman were content.. Dry fly did not work well yet, most of the job was done by nymphs. Smaller sizes better than larger ones.. Stay tuned, we will be following the evolution of the season and post new reports soon... More images available on the link below: Opening day March 1st



March 1st will be opening the doors for the 2019 FLY FISHING season with the RADOVNA and so called BIG SAVA river! Both will enable 1st outings next Friday - March 1st! Conditions to fly fish seem to be fine, if weather does not deliver any surprises.. FAUNA FLY SHOP BLED will be open at 08:00 am Friday March 1st to assist with the fishing permits, flies and information. Welcome to visit or call. Prices of the 2019 fishing permits: RADOVNA C&R 39,00 Eur, Radovna keep fish 50,00 Eur, Sava river C&R 36,00 Eur, keep fish 40,00 Eur. See you soon!



FOR THE END OF THE SEASON - A 116ER!, 13.2.2019
Just this afternoon and tomorrow and 2018-2019 awesome Hucho-Hucho fishing season closes the doors! Too bad, we have had so much fun it could easily be prolonged for another month!! But the law is the law.. Glad we could post one of the nicest catches just for the closing down - what a better end to fire us all for the new opening with November this year! Can`♠t wait!!



The one who follow the Fishing situation on the Sava Bohinjka river know, that we had have a blast of rain on February 2nd-3rd.. After almost two month of draught, levels jumped up and grounded us inside for a couple of the days... As of today, river is getting back to normal, having bottom washed up and becoming gin-clear! A total reset of the Hucho fishing conditions it was!! Let us see what will that result out... Teams getting ready for the ends of the week and the weekend upcoming! REMEMBER, 10 ONLY FISHING DAYS LEFT! To warm you up, here is the Movie of the last catch, enjoy the footage, share the feelings and we hope your working day will be a bit easier! There are strong and pristine emotions involved in the Hucho Fishing... every single pain and suffer gets so well repay once the rod bends down to the handle! Don`t believe? Come and try! :-D --



FEBRUARY 1st... rainy day, drizzle and snow in between... fking nightmare and depression making recipe.. BUT NOT IF YOU ARE A HUCHO FANATIC!!!! Hahaha... Fauna Fly Shop, just closed the doors this morning, taking Luca from the Lodge out there on the cold since this kind-a weather you just HAVE TO BE THERE on the Sava Bohinjka! And not without a reason fingers were frozen!! Beautiful 110-er grabbed the streamer when the 1st day light emerged!! After the release I just popped to the Fauna fly shop for 10min. to upload you still fresh images! I have not time to make the video live, will do it later - NOW I RUN BACK! Enjoy watching.. put your hands in the freezer while you do to get more realistic sensations! Hahah.... thanks for sharing! Stay in touch - coming weekend looks soooo promising again!! Come back to this page later, there will be more content added and some more great images of the tour.. now I need to run back to the Sava Bohinjka perhaps sth. more out there to land!??



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