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Fly fishing news from Slovenia, with daily reports from the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Soca, best catches, tips on grayling, brown and rainbow trout fishing, and news from our online store.





It is already clear now, that September 2018 will be remembered as one of the nicest fly fishing Septembers in the last few years! Sun warms up the air till pleasantly 20 degrees, fish is feeding and the water levels are normal.. optimal recipe for a nice Fly fishing! The REVELATION of the last few Guiding trips we had was: there is NO RULE in what the fish will take! If you find for example one Trout selectively feeding on Ephemeras #16, the next one, few meters away might only go for the small ants and the next one would come hard on a size #12 caddis! So the rule is - NO RULE! You must be creative and have all your fly box ready to use! (Okay, you might leave May flies and some weird butterflies like flies in the car..) but you understood the core of this message.. Below is a few of nice moments we collected from our previous Fly fishing tours - hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them.. Feel free to call in any time with some questions.. remember, we still have a good month time for some nice fly fishing trips!!



Fly fishing rolls on! Another week ahead with supposedly good and sunny weather! Only Wednesday the 19th showing some shower, other days - sunny and warm. Sava Bohinjka, Radovna in perfect shape, Big Sava river also getting to the optimal levels.. Feel free to email us or call for any information! Bled Trophy part pretty much booked during this week, do not hesitate to call in if you want to spend a day or two fly fishing it!



With this Friday we end a very successful fly fishing week, lots of sun, great water levels and active fish! But behold - there were few tricks and hints out there on the Sava Bohinjka river: the catch was while having few hatches of a nice small plecoteras during the day, fish totally ignored them! We fished the small patterns, tippets down to 8X but no fish showed any interest for the surface action! Than, from a pure desire to relax my eyes from staring into little flies, we put a caddis on. BUM - they came all the way down from the bottom to snatch for it!! Not every one, but enough to made our day! Under the water in the nymph realms story is contrary - small nymphs sizes 16 or down but heavy enough to go close to the bottom.. carbon tippets no stronger than 6X. If the early next week will be dry we can expect another good fly fishing week! Thanks God, since if somebody of you remembers September 2017? Started to rain on 5th and it did not stop till October damn :-) stay in touch!!

Latest water level situation Sava Bohinjka from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


GOOD FF WEEK AHEAD!, 10.9.2018
Glad to inform you that the weather is turning into perfect autumn type, with warm and sunny days! All till the end of this week seems to be nice and sunny! Fishing will consequentially also be good, with the levels of the Sava Bohinjka river almost perfect in all 3 fishing clubs. Radovna also fine. Big Sava Radovljica remaining quite strong and more or less only streamer and nymph style enabling.. stay tuned, images will follow ;-)



BACK IN THE FF GAME!, 7.9.2018
Dear All, sorry for the absence from our fly fishing news, returned back to the office few days ago, found like a ton of e-mails to struggle threw, hope you all got the replies you were asking for haha! Back on the track - September started freshly, few stronger showers nicely clean the Sava Bohinjka from the summer human traffic and algae, creating perfect FF conditions! But there needs to be mentioned, that the local community authorised some construction works along the upper parts of the Sava Bohinjka and from time to time - without further notice water can come milky due to the works! Make sure you contact us PRIOR of buying permits in some hotels or tourist offices because those guys are NOT informed about the colour of the river. Works should be finished early next week, but we all know that the construction Co. don`t give a shit for the timings or promises they give! :-/ BUT IN GENERAL FISHING CONDITIONS CAN BE DECLARED OK!

Latest Sava Bohinjka as on September 5th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Dear returning or new visitors, Thank you for visiting us on our fly fishing news home page, but this time you just caught Admin escaping for a short summer break, catching breath and some salt to meet Septembers dry fly fishing conditions fresh and full or new Elan! As a last note, I would like to inform you that the fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka, Sava and the Radovna are OK for the fly fishing, (low of course but fishable). PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL OUR FAUNA FLY SHOP ANY TIME to ask for the ROOMS AVAILABILITY AT THE FAUNA LODGE, AVAILABLE GUIDES or any other question you might be having regarding your Fly fishing visit or trip. Phone to call: 0038641633147. Fauna Fly Shop Bled is operating normally, just your e-mails won`t be monitored till September 1st. For any Fly fishing issue, concerning the dates BEFORE September 1st, please make the call directly to our office Fauna Fly Shop. We are looking forward to hear your call!! Thanks for showing trust to this page, I promise new content as soon as I return back to Bled!! Cheers, make love not war! (or just go flyfishing hahah)



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