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Novita di pesca a mosca dalla Slovenia, con reports giornalieri dalla Sava Bohinjka, dalla Radovna e dal Soca, le migliori catture, informazioni sulla pesca a mosca di temoli, fario ed iridee, e novita dal nostro negozio on line. Se hai qualche bella fotografia relativa alla pesca a mosca in Slovenia, spediscicela via e-mail, con il tuo nome e noi saremo lieti di pubblicarla nelle novita, condividendo la tua esperienza con altri! Grazie per l'aiuto nello sviluppo di questo blog.





Hello back! Average fly fishing in March is gone and proper fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka, Soca and many other rivers and streams has kicked in! Weather is surprisingly dry for April, meaning that Sava Bohinjka is nicely fishable. River is not low, since the sun melts the snow during the day.. but fish is active.. the most efficient way of fly fishing now is heavy nymph and streamers, but during the day also dries are working for an hour or so, when the sun is on the peak.. there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, so such conditions will last at least for a few more weeks in April..



Two more days and April 1st, Tuesday will see opening of the Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka, Soca and many other fishing rivers in Slovenia! Many questions we receive about the water level situation.. in general, they are OK for early April.. not low, but also not too high for fly fishing. If the weather comes very warm, than river can turn white during the day and in the afternoon, because of the snow melt. Mornings, still little chilly have clear water. No change in the fishing permit policy and prices.. the same as it was in 2013. FAUNA SHOP in Bled will be open every day now at 08AM, having all fishing permits, fresh information and lots of flies on the stock! See you soon!



March 1st was the first fly fishing day in 2014. Weather was not very pleasant, so there were less fisherman than usual on the Radovna river. But there were more on the Sava Radovljica river, where trout was working rasonably well on the nymph, despite snow melt colour of the Sava river! Trout is still sitting on the bottom, so nymph must run deep down to score some strikes. Fishing in general was ok. Higher temperatures will trigger snow melt so do not hesitate too long if you have plans to fish the big Sava river! Prices of the fishing permit stay the same as in 2013. (Radovna C&R = 39,00 Eur, Sava Radovljica C&R = 36,00 Eur).



FLY FISHING 2014 ALMOST HERE!, 22.2.2014
Fly fishing season 2014 is almost here! With the Saturday, March 1st, there are several rivers opening for fly fishing! Most known ones are the Radovna river, Krka river and Sava Radovljica river with her well known confluence catch and release part! Fishing permits will be available one day earlier, Friday March 28th in the morning time. On the opening morning, Saturday, March 1st, our shop Fauna in Bled, will be open at 08 - 12 am hours. We are hoping for the nice opening day weather & looking forward meeting you again in the Fauna fly shop Bled!



Finally the snow attack and problem we had last week is slowly melting away and the grand finale of 2013-2014 Hucho fishing will be possible! Do not forget, that next week`s Friday 14th is THE LAST Hucho-hucho fishing day! We are ready to attack once more and possibly land some nice Hucho before the season ends out! The water is mixing with melting snow now, creating perfect fishing condition! This is also proven by two strikes in one afternoon, as you can see on the main image! Contributed by our very experienced senior guide Mr. M.P. from the Sava Radovljica area! Do not hesitate and catch the last Hucho-hucho train of the season!



This 2013-2014 Hucho-hucho fishing season will be one of the best in the recent years! Optimal fishing condition, skilled guides and anglers, all that is resulting in the very nice Hucho-hucho strikes and catches! Glad to report the latest catch of our guide in the big Sava area (Sava Radovljica, mr. T.P.) who had landed and released this beauty few days ago! Well done!!



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