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Novita di pesca a mosca dalla Slovenia, con reports giornalieri dalla Sava Bohinjka, dalla Radovna e dal Soca, le migliori catture, informazioni sulla pesca a mosca di temoli, fario ed iridee, e novita dal nostro negozio on line. Se hai qualche bella fotografia relativa alla pesca a mosca in Slovenia, spediscicela via e-mail, con il tuo nome e noi saremo lieti di pubblicarla nelle novita, condividendo la tua esperienza con altri! Grazie per l'aiuto nello sviluppo di questo blog.





GO FLY FISHING 2015 !!!, 28.2.2015
Tomorrow, on March 1st 2015 a new and surely exciting fly fishing season in Slovenia is about to kick off!! Three major Slovenian rivers open for the fly fishing:

Sava river< (from the confluence of Sava Boh. and Sava Dolinka downstream), aka. Big Sava river

Radovna river< (small and beautiful trout stream near town Bled)

Krka river< (south-east from the Ljubljana capitol, chalk stream with nice bronw trout fishing)



The rest of Slovenian river will be open for fly fishing with April 1st. We encourage you, to go and fly fish already now in March, since cold mornings prevent the snow melt and once the sun picks up, you can have a very nice fly fishing with low and clear water levels! April can have it`s way with the rain, so March has advantage in this sense.. FAUNA shop in Bled is open normally to provide you maps and fishing permit to find GOOD fishing spots on the Big Sava river or the Radovna river.. Seeya ;-)


On the very last day, also our regular hucho-hucho image contributor, mr. Jan K. did not stay at home! Knowing exactly where the big guys are hiding, he managed to set a hook well and soon after land this nice river king of 102cm! Much appreciated catch especially since the fish decided to strike in the bright day light, which is quite rare in hucho fishing.. Can a hucho-hucho angler ask for a better ending of the season?? Probably not. Also the hucho did not suffer any damage, but was released back to his hole where he will gain another few kgs and cm for the next season!



A little late, but nevertheless worth mentioning! Since we, the guides went strait to the vacations after the last hucho-hucho fishing day on Saturday, Feb. 14th, there was no time to publish the impressions from that last day. And the impressions were very good! I had a pleasure to lead a group of very friendly and courage Italian Hucho fisherman to the Sava Bohinjka river, where we had managed to trick and lure out this nice hucho female fish of 95cm! Lucky fisherman on the hucho-frame image, Nicola, was fishing for this magnificent hucho fish the first time, and managed to set the strike after only 20 minutes of morning fishing! Friends helped to land the fish safely and the unforgettable group photo followed soon after! After that followed a very nice day in the canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river. No more hucho strike, just a nice Brown trout hit the lure and was released back soon after.. thanks to the fisherman and a wonderful nature for this memorable day!



After a period of dry and sunny weather, this weekend will see fresh pack of snow if is to believe the weather man.. good news for the hucho fisherman because the weather change is always welcome factor in the hard hucho persuading. Another factor worth mentioning is proximity of a spawning time later in February.. fish will now start to feed more aggressively to gain power for the spawning fast and fights.. medium sized hucho as the one on the image caught by mr. Jan K., are already getting nervous as the big subs still stay passive.. but this will not last long ;-)



January is slowly, year by year loosing it`s sharp winter teeth, becoming more and more mild and warm every year! Probably as a result of the global climate changes.. surely a very bad news for all low level sky resorts but a good news for all us hucho hunters! Nothing is better for a hucho-hucho fishing than some rain or snow melt in a clear river condition! And if picking up a right day for the attack, you can have the fish landed before the breakfast time! As our guides on the big Sava area know exactly where they can expect the strike to happen, fishing the Hucho with them some times looks really easy.. but only some times :-D sharpen the hooks as we roll on with new hucho hunting this coming weekend GO GO !!



As Hucho hunt rolls on in 2015, turning into the second half of the season, it always surprises me and our guides, how much joy can a capture of this fish bring to a fisherman! Some times hard fishing with no strike for days, other time very easy, bringing the fish with the first cast, but always so much rewarding once Hucho being lifted out from the water and holding this magnificent animal in one`s hand! One of few chances in a lifetime when you can see grown up man laughing or crying like kids :-D GO! Hucho hunters rock!!



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