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Novita di pesca a mosca dalla Slovenia, con reports giornalieri dalla Sava Bohinjka, dalla Radovna e dal Soca, le migliori catture, informazioni sulla pesca a mosca di temoli, fario ed iridee, e novita dal nostro negozio on line. Se hai qualche bella fotografia relativa alla pesca a mosca in Slovenia, spediscicela via e-mail, con il tuo nome e noi saremo lieti di pubblicarla nelle novita, condividendo la tua esperienza con altri! Grazie per l'aiuto nello sviluppo di questo blog.





January is slowly, year by year loosing it`s sharp winter teeth, becoming more and more mild and warm every year! Probably as a result of the global climate changes.. surely a very bad news for all low level sky resorts but a good news for all us hucho hunters! Nothing is better for a hucho-hucho fishing than some rain or snow melt in a clear river condition! And if picking up a right day for the attack, you can have the fish landed before the breakfast time! As our guides on the big Sava area know exactly where they can expect the strike to happen, fishing the Hucho with them some times looks really easy.. but only some times :-D sharpen the hooks as we roll on with new hucho hunting this coming weekend GO GO !!



As Hucho hunt rolls on in 2015, turning into the second half of the season, it always surprises me and our guides, how much joy can a capture of this fish bring to a fisherman! Some times hard fishing with no strike for days, other time very easy, bringing the fish with the first cast, but always so much rewarding once Hucho being lifted out from the water and holding this magnificent animal in one`s hand! One of few chances in a lifetime when you can see grown up man laughing or crying like kids :-D GO! Hucho hunters rock!!



Just to shorten your winter days and to put some oil on the hucho-hucho fire burning brightly in the last few weeks, new report from one of our hucho-hucho fishing trips last week; I had a privilege to guide a skilled fly fisherman from Italy, mr. Michele M. and his companion Marco on to the hucho fly fishing hunt. Not that it would happen the first time, (still rare enough), a nice 85er hucho strike on the very first cast! Giving a good fight, running up and down the pool twice, finally fish was safely landed and released back to the pool. The surprise comes now: when lucky fly fisherman made the second cast to the pool, wanting to stretch the line and reel it in to move on the new spot, bang! another hucho of 75cm hit the streamer again! Previous noise and the fight of 85er did not disturbed him at all.. explain that if you can!?



Hello back you Hucho fans! A short absence from the PC, means we had been out there on the river, hunting for the Huchos all the time from the ends of December and first days of the Januray! Several Hucho-hucho were caught on the area of Sava Bohinjka Bled and Sava Grande as you will see in the next days news to follow, surely the winner of all catches was this magnificent hucho-hucho animal of 120cm, being caught by our Big Sava guide, T.P.! His personal record is a dream of many anglers and the fact that he had released hucho-back in his kingdom only shows us that he wants to get even bigger one! Stay tuned, other catches will follow in next days! Weather on the area of Bled is turning to warmer temperatures, which will create a perfect condition for hucho-hucho fishing! Get your asses out of the warm armchair and catch the fish of a lifetime! :-D



Looking to the previous news, writing about how hucho-hucho most of the time strikes in the dark time either early morning or late afternoon-evening, immediately fish showed us that we should not put any frame or typical behaviour to this unique specie! The main image, kindly provided by a lucky fisherman, mr. Erik B. shows that the strike can happen also in a pure day time in a clear water condition! So to conclude, this news, the rule is there is no certain rule with hucho fishing! And that makes the fishing even more attractive and unpredictable!



Every true fly fisherman would like to crown his collections of the trout, grayling, brook trout and maybe some other fresh water salmon species caught with a special catch - hucho catch! surely a hard task to do, requiring certain amount of the skill, good equipment, guide and luck. All this came together on the last 10 minute of our recent trip to Sava Bohinjka with a skilled group of fly fisherman from Italy.. Seeing several Huchos during the day, when fishing on the spectacular pools of the Sava Bohinjka river, but the fish did not want to move on streamer attack.. and as advised from our guide, keeping sharp focus till the very last minute of the day, was again rewarded by a strike of this 93cm hucho! Well done Michelle :-D Hucho was released back to grow larger for the next season!



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