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HUCHEN (Danube Salmon) Slovenia`s most appreciated fish!

Fishing and eaven Fly Fishing for Huchen, has become a real obsession among lots of fishermans in last few years. Not so far back, Huchen fishing was reserved for elite members of some Slovene fishing clubs and v.i.p. persons only. Since joining EU, strict rule has become more loosen and finaly Huchen thrill has become accessible also to wider fishing public. Nevertheless, charm of noblety stays.

Why HUCHEN fishing is so special?

The answer is, because the fish it self is a special one. Being on the top of the food chain in the rivers which have their outflow in the river Danube (this is where the name Salmon Danube came from), it`s behavior is very dominante and superior. It can also grow in size considerably! Largest representatives caught can reach 50kg and exceed lenght of 150cm!



Why HUCHEN fishing is so demanding?

There are several facts which make Huchen fishing one of the most demanding fresh water fishing.

  • Huchen fishing season is in winter time (in Slovenia season lasts from 15. November till 14th February) ,meaning you are facing very low temperatures which are freezing the lines, fishing reels, fingers..
  • Heavy tackle is required and a lot of tiredful casting.
  • Large Huchen does not eat every day.
  • Huchen is a predator of the night, so there is a lot of dawn&dusk fishing.
  • Strike is often in vain, since the mouth of Huchen and jaws are very bony.
  • One of good conditions for fishing is also when the rivers like Sava Bohinjka, are flooding and that means extra attention with walking on the river banks or wading in.



Why do I need a guide for Huchen fishing!?


As first, there is a general fishing law in Slovenia, which requires that Huchen fishing must always be done in a pair. This law is than furder adjusted by some fishing clubs, which require also that a guide or a companion is a member of the club. Beside that, there are also more practical reasons why you need a guide, such as:

  • Security reason in case of injury, slide or other inconveniences which can happen in winter conditions
  • Leading you to the Huchen hot-spots, hidden pools etc..
  • Helping you with the landing of biger Huchen
  • Professionaly unhooking and releasing the fish.



How can we help you to catch your first or your bigest Huchen!?

Fauna Fly Fishing was always a big pleader of the initiative to open Huchen fishing to wider public. And since this goal was achieved, we could become what we always wanted - your No.1 assistant in Huchen hunt.

Few facts which speak for us:

  • Our base - Fauna Fly fishing Lodge, is located on the very bank of the Sava Bohinjka river and several Huchen are actualy our neighbours ;-)
  • We are specialised for the "most likely to catch Huchen" river, Sava Bohinjka.
  • Best local guides guide for us all with several years of Huchen fishing experiences.
  • In the last 3 years we had been guiding lots of fishermans from all parts of the globe and land & released more than 200 Huchen
  • Beside guiding, edjucation of our clients and passing forward Huchen fishing knowledge is our main goal.
  • We put a lot of efforts in development of Huchen fly fishing by tying variouse Huchen streamers, testing most suitable fly lines, rods etc..
  • Constantly exploring new and Huchen famouse districts like Sava Radovljica guarantees always new thrilling Huchen expeditions!
  • Check our Fishing news archive for more images!







HUCHO-HUCHO (HUCHEN) Winter fishing can be done from November 15th till Februar 14th. Fishing can be done on several Slovenian rivers;

  • Sava Bohinjka
  • Sava
  • Sora
  • Krka
  • Kolpa

Affordable offers for fishing on Sava Bohinjka had been prepaired, send us your email with inquiry soon and we will gladly send you our offers.


HUCHEN Fishing, recommendable trip planing tips

From the last year`s experience, Fauna Fly Fishing has decided, to make one more step forward in bringing the hucho-hucho thrill eaven closer to you. For the "first timers" in this Danube Salmon hunt, find below some tips which will help you to define your first expedition:

  • 2-3 fishing days are usually enough to get a strike or a catch if the conditions are fine of course.
  • 6 hour fishing mode is optimal. (3 hours in the morning, 3 on the afternoon.
  • Endurance, full day fishing gives you some more chance for a strike, but it is very tiredful. Not much guys can endure 2 full fishing days.
  • Fly fishing for hucho-hucho requires certain ammount of skills!
  • Check and gain some useful informations from our 07/08 hucho news archive!

Concider the above and send us your quieries, questions or bookings on our Fauna-hucho email now! We will shortly give you feedback with prices, suggestions and awailability.

Looking forward to hear from you!

* Fishing rules for the Bled part of Sava Bohinjka river, find here.

* HUCHO fishing season on the Institute part of Sava Bohinjka is already open. Fishing rules find on the following Hucho-link<

** HUCHO fishing season on Sava - Radovljica is already open! Check Hucho-Radovljica home page for rules, timing, etc..

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